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Sign with your Baby


In addition to speech/language therapy and occupational therapy we offer baby signing classes.    As therapists we recognize each child’s developmental need and we tailor our classes to address that. 
What are the benefits of signing with your baby or toddler?
  • Because motor skills necessary for signing develop before those necessary to speak, signing allows your child to communicate with you before being able to verbalize decreasing frustration and tantrums.
  • Signing with your child is a fun activity that can improve parent/child bonding.
  • Studies have shown signing with your baby can increase his or her IQ level.
  • Providing your child with an ability to communicate at an early age enhances confidence and self-esteem.
  • Signing can enhance reading skills and fine motor coordination.
What are the benefits of having therapists as your child's teacher?
  • As therapists we are formally trained in recognizing developmental milestones and facilitating reaching those goals.
  • If critical developmental milestones are not being met we are able to provide families resources, tips, and referrals needed when consulting with your pediatrician.
  • Having a speech/language pathologist and occupational therapist on hand provides a multidisciplinary approach to learning and developing cognitive, communication, and play skills.
Our classes are offered in your home to provide a comfortable setting for each child, as well as a natural environment to encourage carryover into everyday life.  Gather a group of four or more parents interested in teaching their children to sign and we will come to you!  We also offer private classes. 
  • $100 for 4 weeks of group classes
    $175 for 8 weeks of group classes
    $275 for 12 weeks of group classes
    $350 for 16 weeks of group classes
  • $75 for workshops (offered on Sundays only)

  • Contact us for information on private classes