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Feeding therapy

We provide feeding therapy based on weekly or periodic models or an intensive model which is our Steps to Mealtime SuccessTM Program.

Our approach to feeding therapy is based on the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach.  This is a transdisciplinary, developmental feeding therapy that allows children to explore, play, and deal with food in a non stressful way.  The approach addresses feeding problems at the child's current comfort level by exploring the different properties of food including taste, texture, smell, and consistency. The SOS Approach to Feeding was designed and refined by Dr. Kay Toomey and her Feeding Teams over the past 15 years.

Additionally, we focus on oral motor development by using Beckman Oral Motor and the Sensory Motor Approach developed by Sarah Rosenfeld Johnson.

Feeding therapy can be performed in a group or one on one depending on your child's needs.  Please refer to Steps to Mealtime Success,TM our specialty feeding program.