Welcome to Eat, Speak, Play! We provide in home, functional based occupational and speech language therapy while specializing in feeding therapy and assistive technology in Northern Virginia. Our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual person we work with.

By working in your home, the goal is that your child will feel more at ease and you will learn techniques to carryover in a natural environment. We believe that in order for therapy to be as successful as possible the family and caregivers should be included and work closely in the therapeutic process.

Our goal is to provide a multidisciplinary approach to therapy whenever possible to address each child in a holistic way. By doing this we will be able to treat the individual versus the specific problem. We want to provide individuals with independence and support the family and caregivers (including those at school and work) that will optimize quality of life.

- Debbie Perry, MSR, CCC-SLP, ATP and Erika Lawyer, MS, OTR/L, ATP