"We were so happy to discover Eat, Speak, Play. We were concerned about my son's delayed speech and after Debbie's first visit I saw immediate improvements. She gave us such practical advice to help our son express himself. The frustration level was greatly reduced in our home and we all began enjoying his discovery of new words and phrases. The fact that she comes to your house makes it even easier. I have been singing thepraises of Eat, Speak, Play to all my friends."

"Erika Gorton has been working with our three year old daughter on feeding/OT issues since June 2011. We have been pleasantly surprised and especially delighted with our daughter's progress! From the outset, our little girl was unable to chew solid food or hold a spoon to feed herself. Erika worked diligently, using oral motor exercises as well as hand-eye coordination, to enable her to develop the skills she needed to be self-reliant. The results have been wonderful! Not only is our daughter now able to feed herself with a spoon, she is safely chewing, eating and swallowing solid food. Erika's persistence, patience and positive demeanor have been instrumental in our little girl's progress, in light of her initial resistance and tears. We are deeply grateful for Erika's continuous guidance, feedback and support in helping us navigate our way through the past 11 months of uncertainty and concern. With ongoing therapy, our little girl continues to make great strides in reaching her developmental milestones. Thanks, Erika!"